Sunday, 10 December 2017

Scoot-run-slide-a-thon event

Our task was to plan and implement a volunteery community project that will have a positive impact on others.
On Wednesday me and Callum set up a scoot-run-slide-a-thon for Te kakano since it was our WIT to volunteer.

From Te Kakano:

“It was challenging on the scootering”

Asher “I didn’t like the pool because I was too short”

Mrs Rogers said next time can you make one for adults.

Kairangi “I liked the scootering”

Lily “I thought the run was too long”

Trish suggested “you could make an obstacle course out on the field”

Callum “I liked that we chose the little kids to just do it to keep it smaller and make them fit.  We planned it and it worked out good.  Planning is important.  It was hard running around after all the kids like a lunatic”

Jack “If we didn’t spend as much time planning it, it would have turned out worse.  Putting the cones down and having the TÅ«hono course marshals helped them know where to go.  The best part was that they were all happy and participating and having fun.  For next time, we would love to have an obstacle course.”

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